Hotel & Dining

Expect the unexpected - CentreVille Hotel & Experiences is different!

Think eclectic dining, chic rooms and suites, casual yet attentive service and not forgetting our promise to make you feel at home.

Perfectly positioned at The Capital Plaza complex in the heart of Montenegro’s capital city, Podgorica, we offer a place like no other - a new world of hospitality imbued with the splendidness of casual luxury.

Modern, minimalistic and replete with elegance, our unique combination of warm living intertwined with a businesslike sense of purpose is obvious. From the distinctively shaped cool glass exterior, to the serene grey tones which dominate the interiors - each and every element is thoughtfully designed.

Every experience – from a short holiday, to an important business meeting - is infused with well-appointed accommodation, peaceful comfort and eclectic restaurants and bars - all against the enchanting backdrop of a picturesque mountain-scape.

We can almost guarantee that once you stay here - we'll be seeing you again